Ice climbing

I offer ice climbing courses and trips throughout the Western Alps for all abilities, from beginners to advanced.


On ‘Trip in the Night’ (WI6)

In this small corner of the Alps there is an enormous choice of ice-falls offering a wide range of grades and lengths of climbs. These can vary greatly from single pitch climbs, which are ideal for both introductory climbs and for perfecting one’s technique, to long multi pitch climbs of up to 600 metres. For safety reasons and wherever possible, I try to avoid the highly frequented venues. It is so much nicer to a share your ice-fall with a minimum of people in a quiet and remote alpine valley.
I can provide technical ice gear if needed eg: ice-axes and crampons etc. (???)

 Dates: Mid December to late February

 Level: For beginners, it is best if participants have some rock climbing experience: outdoors or climbing wall, basic rope handling and climbing knots.

I am available for private guiding for ice climbing by the day, weekend or more. I also offer courses, details below.

Included in the fee:

  • Guiding and instruction from the IFMGA certified mountain guide.
  • Loan of ice tools, crampons and safety equipment if needed by participants.

Not included in the fee:

  • Clients personal equipment – I can advise on hire if needed
  • Accommodation – I can advise on accommodation
  • Transport – I can advise on transport and we will car share where practical
  • Meals and drinks.
  • The guide’s accommodation and meals when not based in the Chamonix valley.
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